Types of office chairs

If you are looking to furnish your office, there might be more than one chair you would want to consider. There are various factors that determine the type of chair you may need. The first thing you would want to consider is ergonomy of the chair, its size, price, your own office space, durability and chair texture. You can find some amazing ergonomic chairs developed by Herman Miller in the market.

Let’s take a quick look at the various types of office chairs you may need in your office.

1- Office chair
These are the principle chairs that you shall place at your and your employee’s desks. These are also the chairs you will need to invest in the most as they will contain you and your workers all day long. It is best to get the most ergonomic chair you can afford as office chairs. This will ensure that you and your employees are comfortable and help you concentrate at work.

2- Task chairs
Next, you might consider buying some task chairs. These are light chairs with small back supports. They are ideal to be placed in places that do not require all time sitting. They are reserved only for certain tasks and chores and hence lightly designed.

3- Side chairs
You might also consider side chairs for your guests. In order to boast a comfortable and welcome environment, you can get comfortable sofas or the like as side chairs in your office. They will also help you relax when you are not working.

4- Stools
Stools may be needed in relaxation areas or as extra placement chairs if you have a small office and can’t afford to place too many chairs around. Stools can also be used to place extra stuff or documents.

Office chairs can also be classified as Small back office chairs visit officechairreviewshq.com​, Mid-back office chairs and High back office chairs with varying support for the backbone. Herman Miller chairs have been rated by most websites as the best ergonomic chairs in the market. The range of chairs from Embody, Aeron and Sayl Chair comes in various prices, colors and features.