2 Trendy Short Layered Haircuts

these short hairstyles are cool

It is not necessary that you must have long hairs that would allow you to experiment with different styles and haircuts. You can use short hairstyles that are versatile and gives you trendy and chic look for multiple occasions. These short hairstyles are cool and suits different outfits and events. If you are skeptical about trying out short hairstyles, then you can fake short hairstyles and if it suits you then you can choose to use scissors on your long locks.

There are few hairstyles that become the talk of the town. This generally happens when a celebrity or a fashion icon wears that hairstyle in a hit show or movie. But while choosing any hairstyle it is important to take advice from a salon expert and make sure that the style will look good on your face and features. But if you are a fan of short hairstyles then these short hairstyles are cool and trending. Do try them out this season before they go out of vogue.

these short hairstyles are coolTop short hairstyles this season:

  1. Curly brown pixie with blonde tips: Many people do not try out brown colored hairs with blonde tips. But this experiment looks cool and it has worked with long hairs since ages. This hairstyle when tried with short and curly hairs, too has a high degree of fashion quotient to it. This gorgeous and amazing hairstyle provides a unique sun-kissed kind of effect which emerges because of the luscious combination of brown and blonde color. If you have locks that are cut longer in front and are short at the back then you can get the perfect relaxing look using this hairstyle.

Ombre Choppy Bob with Light Brown Color: This hairstyle is unique and in vogue just because of its cut and color. It is one of the best hairstyle in the category of short curly and layered hairstyles. The waviness that it gives to the hairs is impressive. If you want a better style then try ombre with light and dark brown gradation, which gives best texture. You can choose to have layers at the back and middle to avoid hairs covering your face.