Is VPS really the best option for you?

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Virtual Private Server is an independent server machine with its own operating system.  Customers with access to it are referred to as the “super users.” They have the capability to install any software they wish to on the server, thus it can be conveniently configured.  At times, however, the enactment of these VPS is quite slow due to its collaboration with other servers for optimum performance.

When opting for a dedicated hosting for your robust and complicated website, the hosting company might assign you a VPS instead.  You must be cautious as it may slow down your overall performance.  Of course, self-managing a server has its own challenges such as maintenance and breakdowns.  So, what do you do?  You must seek a professional Web Hosting Singapore company such as Downtown Host.

web hosting singaporeBenefits of Virtual Private Servers

There are many companies turning to VPS hosting options.  This helps drastically reduce cost and increase overall performance of your website compared to other selections of lesser value.

Shared hosting can put everyone’s website at risk.  A virus in one website can infect all the files on that server.  As business owners, hosting companies tend to overpopulate each server with multiple users, thus increasing the risk of destruction.

You can customize the server as per your need as you have full access to the root file of your VPS server.  This also helps you keep your website from running the risk of getting infected.

If you are an upcoming company, you want least downtime and scalability issues.  With your own VPS, you can reduce the technical.  Despites its growing demand over the years, its cost has considerably decreased.  You also have access to the control panel where you can manage and organize your files in a professional manner.

We are at your disposal

At Downtown Host, we offer five different pricing options.  Our lowest copper package starts at just $19.95.  We have various options to help you meet your business needs.  We have one of the most competitive rates in Web Hosting Singapore.  We have all kinds of support available so that you can reach us with ease during pre-sale and post-sale.