What are the rules to play golf?

Pensacola golf courses

Golf club is played by many people and it is popular game played around many years. When you play professionally, there are set of rules that enforce with standards to be learned and followed. These set of rules are allotted for a set of play oriented strategies and some are derived for courtesy while playing. When you break the rules, it will result in penalty strokes added to your game score.

Golf manners

Golf has many set of rules. This game is played by many other players as well, it is important to play inĀ  Pensacola golf courses with proper manners. This gives safe and pleasing experience while playing for others as well as you. It has rules like

  • Dress properly to golf course.Pensacola golf courses
  • Arrive on your tee time without being late.
  • Stay along your partner.
  • Allow faster players to move front than making them to wait for long time until you hit the hole.
  • Be respectful and drive your golf cart on the allocated path of the course.
  • Do not keep the golf cart blocking others way.
  • While you hit the ball and it goes near the other player, then say fore as a warning.
  • Be ready when your time to hit arrives, do not make other players to wait for you. Timing is important in golf.
  • Throwing club is restricted in golf course.
  • Drinking and smoking are prohibited in the golf course.
  • While playing, if you lost a ball then do not waste more than 5 minutes on searching for it. Declare as lost and proceed with next ball.
  • Do not hit any wildlife creatures and make a slow approach of moving it. It is disrespectful to making a harsh move.
  • Do not talk and distract the player on the course to take a hit.
  • Do not walk in between anyone target of ball and the hole. And do not stay for long on the green after hitting the ball.

Golf swing is essential to consider while playing and it is the hardest part of the game. One of the key is to practice perfect until you get experienced. Play hard with the rules in mind and score much with best practice.