Designing Cool Graphic Designs on T-Shirts

To create cool graphic designs and by using T-shirts as your canvas is a very popular outlet for a designer’s ideas. Whether you’re a typographer or an illustrator, the mere thought of having your artwork on T-shirts can be quite interesting.

The allure of cool graphic designs on T-shirts is that the designer has the freedom to create art and also be able to tackle anything and give it a twist. This makes the project fun and challenging. However, you need to prepare for how intimidating this task can be.

Listed below are some points that can make the job of designing cool graphics less overwhelming:

    • Explore the concept:

Brainstorm your ideas, create lots of drafts, sleep on it and produce loads of variations. Think of all the possible ways you can improve the concept and make it better and also think of back up options, just in case.

  • Visualizing the end design:

A good design does not have to be detailed, a simple design or logo is also appreciated by the masses, and there is nothing more satisfying than seeing your masterpiece on a T-Shirt that you can look at for hours on end.

  • Considering the market:

Young or old?Male or Female? These are few of the important questions that a designer must think about before he comes up with a cool graphic design because at the end of the day you are selling the merchandise and your customers should always take priority.

  • Choose the right colors:

By using tools like Adobe Illustrator, you can use complimentary colors effectively, usually, in the effort to sell more product, designers tend to go all out with the color palette thinking they can attract more customers. That is not true and the end product looks loud and gaudy.

While creating a cool graphic design the artist must keep in mind what message he/she want to be conveyed unto his audience and will they interpret it the way he wants and this message needs to be translated on a whole different canvas, that is, T-Shirts. For a design to be considered cool it should have personality, attitude and be relatable with the consumers, all the while being iconic, simple and effective.

By making use of information gathered from current affairs and trending posts online as inspiration for creating really cool designs, it is important that you are up to date constantly with the latest trends. Because if you are behind with your work, chances are there are other artists who are way ahead of you with their work and audience will relate to their products more than yours.

Therefore, by making use of the above-mentioned data you can begin creating your very own cool Graphic T-shirt designs.