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It is completely the choice of the customers to disable or selectively turn off the cookies in the browser settings. The preferences can be managed easily in the programs like Norton Internet security. You should be able to interact with our site as well as the other sites without any problems. It is very important to protect the privacy of our customers as per the privacy protection act. We never collect and maintain the information of the customers on our website. The sponsorships, other forms of compensation, advertising and paid insertions are accepted through the blogs on our coupons in store

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The advertising content which is made in the blogs can be influenced due to the compensation received through the topics or posts. The sponsored or paid content can always be identified with the advertising space on the content. There will not be any compensation for the owners to provide the opinion about the products and services offered on our websites along with the various other topics. The blog owners can purely express their views and opinions about the blogs regarding online coupons in store. If you expert on a particular topic, product or service area then you can definitely endorse the products or services on behalf of the company. We completely believe in our expertise as we are worthy of such endorsements.

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The manufacturer or provider will thoroughly verify the products and services which we offer at our company. The blogs will not include the content which will present the conflict of interest to the customers. The customers should accept the terms and conditions of our website if they are interested to use our services. You need not use our coupons at if you do not agree to our privacy policy of online coupons in store. If you have queries regarding the promo codes and coupons when you contact us with the information available on our website. The coupons and promo codes will be checked by the company as early as possible.