Ideal long-stemmed rose bouquet for that discerning bride

Long-stemmed roses are the Penultimate gift for a special event because of their elegant and graceful look. The longer stalks are especially suited to arrangement in a vase and have helped to make these the favorite flower for events that call for a presentation which makes an impact. Most importantly, these blossoms lend themselves nicely to packaging in an elegant floral box, adding a little class to the delivery. Through The years, the rose has grown to signify true wealth and love. As average roses have just a 6 stem, roses have to be specially cultivated and pruned so the single blossom receives more nutrients. A rose bush might only produce a few perfect blossoms in a season. It is this careful treatment that makes them be more costly to give than ordinary rose bouquets.

Size of Stem

Some Roses are grown with stalks that can reach around 6 ft tall. These super-sized rose stems require particular tall vases which include a stunning, almost otherworldly, element to any room. For an arrangement that would not need additional space in the recipient’s home, select a shorter long stem–one which is 24 to 36 long.

Size of Bouquet

Next, consider the amount of roses you would like to give. One makes a subtle, yet powerful statement presented in person. If you would like to create a dramatic impression, think about sending one, two or three dozen roses accented with foliage. An arrangement of several dozen flawless long-stemmed blossoms is a gesture which simply cannot be ignored!

Color of Roses

Now, determine the color you want to gift. The deep red rose has, through time, become the hallmark of devotion, affection and love but take into consideration your receiver’s personal likes and dislikes when choosing the colour of your bouquet. You can even send a message along with other rose colors. Pink is an ideal color for a thank-you present and yellow means joy, gladness and friendship as well as welcome home. Coral is thought to be indicative of lavender and desire of enchantment. You may combine your messages by sending red and white roses together to signify unity or maybe red and yellow for joyful feelings.

Vase Style

Next, determine the sort of vase in which to present your gift. Free rose delivery singapore look especially stunning at a floral gift box tied with a satin bow, which can be a superb surprise if you are gifting someone who already possesses a distinctive vase. If not, think about a vase which will set off the beauty of the flowers without overpowering them. Traditional ginger-jar shapes in addition to contemporary rectangular vases work nicely.